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While working as a Creative Technologist in NYC I collaborated with designers on creating prototypes using the Google Tango Augmented Reality tablet. In all of these examples, I was the sole coder for the project.


For Your Eyes Only


Collaboration with sculptor Reuven Israel and designer Noa Dolberg.


Icon Interface


Prototyping an interactive information overlay for an exhibition using nodes accurately placed on different parts of a displayed object.


Precision App


The Google Tango Tablet uses an array of cameras and sensors to create a 3D visual model of a space. The challenge in using it was to figure out how to understand how it mapped its understanding of a space into the coordinates in the Unity game engine. To help solve this problem, we developed a simple tool for placing 3D objects in a scene and calibrating their position, rotation, and scale.


Welcome to Gallagher Tour


As a tech demo combined with an introduction to the Gallagher Design NYC office, I worked with designers to create an app where each person has an icon floating over their desk. The user could walk around, click on people, and see who they were, what projects they had worked on, and how they connect to the overall design process in the office.