Patrick Stefaniak

I use crochet as an analogy for understanding 3D computer graphics. Both follow a process of creating shapes by starting out with loose points or threads, drawing them into lines or yarn, weaving those lines together into 2D faces, which then close up into 3D forms. It's hard to follow the process of how computer generated images are rendered- it happens within a fraction of a second and involves a complex series of math functions that are all hidden from view. The resulting picture is meant to hide all of this work and appear as if by magic. Crochet shows its work. Every stitch is visible, and even if you don't know how to crochet you can picture someone using their hands in creating it. We immeidately relate textiles to the body and how they could be used or worn. Videogames and movies tend to remove us from awareness of our bodies, preferring audiences that are seated and still. But our experiences with them involve our whole body, not just our eyes and ears. In working between crochet and computer graphics, as well as other media like 3D printing, painting, installation, and performance, I aim for a greater sense of agency and playfulness with these technologies and ideas that can often feel intimidating. This also involves my interest in modern art, especially minimal sculpture and abstract painting, that, in failing to act in the way we expect art to operate, can leave people feeling cold and duped. But this art can teach us lessons about how we percieve objects which is useful in understanding how 3D graphics work and offers a modality that isn't based on high-definition realism. In combining modern art, videogames, and craft I want to make them all feel accessible to be touched, groped, grasped, and manipulated. I want to express the bodily intimacy of these practices in a way thats fun, mathy, sexy, and serious.

Patrick Stefaniak is an L.A. based artist who works in crochet, videogames, 3D printing, drawing/painting, animation, and performance to think about labor, rendering, craft, perception, and queerness. He recieved a BFA in Digital Art from Indiana University in 2015, an MFA in Digital Arts + New Media at UC Sant Cruz in 2021, and currently works on staff in Digital Media Arts at UCLA. He also participates in the artist collective Band Practice Presents, which creates events that combine art and live performance.

contact : patrickjstefaniak _at_ gmail