Patrick Stefaniak

recent works

A few ways of being A few ways of being a cube

Video - 13:58 - 2021

I take the grid of A few ways of being a cube and deform it through cloth simulation.

A few ways of being a cube

PLA and Acrylic - 4ft x 4ft x 4in - 2021

A grid of 64 3D prints of cubes that have been deformed through cloth simulation.

Unity Primitive: Cube

Hand Crocheted Acrylic Yarn - 1x1x1 meter - 2019-20

In the Unity 3D game engine the default cube is grey and 1x1x1 unit. In VR and AR applications, the Unity unit translates to a meter in IRL space. For today's game engines rendering a cube is trivial, it can happen in a fraction of a second. Crocheting the same cube with yarn took me a year and a half. The inside is empty. Just like the digital 3D model it is a closed surface of faces. It takes 2 people to hold it up and see the 3 dimensional cube shape, and even then it sags.

A few, mini ways of being a cube

PLA - 6in x 6xin x .5in - 2021

A print of A few ways of being a cube at the scale of one of the squares of its grid.


Videogame - 2023

In collaboration with Forest Reid. A videogame about string manipulation. The player will be able to move the mouse to play the displayed strings, which sound with samples from various string instruments. The completed game will also include samples of Yiddish poems which will also be played with, as the name for the data type in computer science for text is a string. This word play is common in Kabbalistic practice, which takes sacred texts as something to be subjected to various algorithms to produce new readings.

Site Holes

VR Installation and Zine - 2019

Punching holes in objects reveals the backgrounds that support their existence. Put enough holes in something and it will lose legibility and could eventually fall apart. Our sight is full of gaps that only become visible once we stop and search for them. What happens when we're looking for holes?